WHO releases new guidelines for physical activity

(WILX) – Staying active during the pandemic may be difficult but the World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraging everyone to try.

The WHO is recommending adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a week. Workouts should include some strength training and a minimum of 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise. Strength training is especially important for older adults to help prevent falls or related injuries.

For children 17-years-old and under the WHO recommends at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each day.

“Being physically active is critical for health and well-being — it can help add years to life and life to years,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a news release. “Every move counts, especially now as we manage the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. We must all move every day — safely and creatively.”

Activities for children and adolescents should be mostly aerobic, including jogging or biking. Activities that strengthen muscle and bone are also necessary.

The WHO report stressed that even if you have chronic conditions, a healthy lifestyle is still possible.

“Some people with chronic conditions have challenges performing some of the recommended types and amounts of physical activity and may avoid physical activity all together because of concerns about risks,” said Regina Davis, the associate executive director of public health policy and practice for the American Public Health Association. “The type of physical activity one may be able to do may be different, but there are still benefits.”

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